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Improve Client Care

Greenspace helps your providers easily track progress and better involve clients in their treatment, which research has shown to increase engagement and improve outcomes.

Learn From Your Data

Organizations have never had this much visibility into clinical outcomes. Make better decisions, transform intake and triage, case manage off-track clients and improve the supervision process.

Build Relationships with Funders

Leverage the data being collected on Greenspace to build relationships with external stakeholders and advocate for increased program support and funding.

How it Works

More Effective Measurement

Running an evidence-based practice and implementing a consistent measurement process can be difficult and time consuming. Greenspace makes this process easy for your team and more engaging for clients. At the same time, you can use Greenspace to improve your intake process, record clinical progress notes and manage supervision.

Increase Engagement

Clients have full visibility into their own results, and are engaged in tracking progress outside of sessions.

Automate the Workflow

Greenspace dramatically reduces the manual effort and time associated with running an effective measurement process.

Flexible and Customizable

To ensure Greenspace fits for your clinic, there is built-in flexibility and an option to customize assessments, tags and brand.

HIPAA Compliant

Greenspace is committed to maintaining privacy and security that meets and exceeds HIPAA standards.

Community Agencies Progress Measurement Platform
Community Agency Dashboard
Value to Organizations

Actionable Data for Your Agency

In addition to positively impacting client results, the Greenspace platform collects and presents valuable information that can be leveraged in a number of ways.

Aggregate Outcome Data

View and analyze clinical data across your organization. Understand each program or provider’s impact, identify needs and report externally to funders.

Case Management and Triage

Access to client results in real-time allows you to drastically improve the case management and triage of clients. Easily identify off-track cases within your agency.

Data-Driven Supervision

Improve the clinical supervision process with access to objective data at both the client and aggregate levels. Use the intuitive workflow to review and sign off on progress notes.

Customized Intake Process

Implement a more effective intake process - efficiently collect your desired client information and assess clinical symptoms prior to treatment.

Discover how Greenspace can help you make more informed decisions and improve client outcomes.

Evidence Based

The Supporting Research

Greenspace was built on research that identifies consistent progress measurement as having a dramatic impact on client treatment outcomes, regardless of modality. Regularly tracking progress leads to better client engagement, improved communication and reduced outcome bias in therapy.

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higher likelihood that a client experiences reliable change
higher overall improvement in clinical symptoms
lower dropout or cancellation rates and 25% lower no-show rate
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The Greenspace platform exceeds industry security standards and users can be confident that their information is always protected.

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