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Full Transparency

Finally you can have clear visibility across your organization and see measurable improvements for clients.

Solutions that matter


More Visibility into your Organization

Organizations have never had this much clarity on client progress or outcomes. Make better decisions, support funding (or marketing) efforts and effectively evaluate programs.

Improve Client Care with Best Practices

We help you track progress and better involve clients in their treatment, which research has shown to increase engagement and improve outcomes.

Better Organizational Efficiency

Our Matching Program connects your team with pre-qualified and motivated new clients. In addition, access to real time data lets you identify and focus on clients that need the most support.

Clear Outcomes

Progress Measurement

Running an evidence-based practice and implementing a consistent measurement process can be difficult and time consuming. Greenspace makes this process easy for mental health organizations and more engaging for your clients. Your team can supplement the objective measures with their own clinical progress notes.

Increased Engagement

Greenspace engages clients outside of sessions and creates a feedback loop that research identifies as crucial to achieving better outcomes.

Workflow Automation

The Greenspace platform automates much of the workflow and generates valuable outcome data for your organization.

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Clinic Progress Measurement Platform

Discover how Greenspace can help you make more informed decisions and improve client outcomes

Evidence Based

Groundbreaking Clinical Outcomes

Built on research that identifies consistent progress measurement as having a dramatic impact on client treatment outcomes, regardless of modality. Regularly tracking progress leads to better client engagement, improved communication and reduced bias in therapy.

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higher likelihood that a client experiences reliable change
higher overall improvement in clinical symptoms
lower dropout or cancellation rates and 25% lower no-show rate
  • Slade, et al., “Improving Psychotherapy Outcome: The Use of Immediate Electronic Feedback and Revised Clinical Support Tools” (2008)
  • Michael J Lambert, “Outcome in Psychotherapy: The Past and Important Advances” (2013)
  • Bohanske, R. T., & Franczak, M., "Transforming public behavioral health care: A case example of consumer-directed services, recovery, and the common factors" (2010)
Client Therapist Matching

Motivated New Clients

Matching Program

For private mental health organizations, Greenspace can provide access to pre-qualified and motivated new clients that have been referred by their Primary Care Provider. Your team will receive a detailed intake report for these clients and can maintain full control over whether to accept or decline each new match. Once you accept a match, the Greenspace platform facilitates collaboration with a client's Primary Care Provider, leading to higher engagement and improved outcomes.

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